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“Celeste is indeed a true Renaissance woman!”
. . . Carole Easterling, Senior Director, Performing Rights, BMI, Inc.

Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck (CD single)

“Since Don McLean sang about driving his Chevy to the levy, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard such an engaging lyric. Celeste’s “Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck” is a new anthem for those who appreciate this American icon, the Silverado. But, is the song about the guy or the truck? Will she ever tell? The gal in the story is simply needing a handyman, never expecting to discover she’s smitten over him and his big red Silverado.

Grammy nominee and singer-songwriter Celeste writes and sings about 4-wheel drive, fold-away mirrors and locking differential. Potentially, her “Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck” is a huge country hit. Call it rockabilly, honky-tonk, anyway you like it, we sure need some fun and romance in these current turbulent times across the globe!”

. . . D.L. Llamada, Mejor de la Musica Country, Granada, Spain


What Would John Lennon Say? (CD single)


"Haunting . . . beautiful!"
. . . Carole Easterling, Director of Performing Rights, BMI- Nashville

"A powerful, very timely song written and performed by Celeste Friedman, a great singer/songwriter. The images are as mesmerizing as the haunting lyrics and melody. If this doesn't touch you and make you think and hopefully take action, nothing will."
. . . Chaparral2004- YouTube comment

"What Would John Lennon Say? by Celeste is going on my play list. Incredible. A beautiful voice with gut-wrenching lyrics....listen...really....i­t's worth it and I dare you to get it out of your mind afterward."
. . . Julie Powers Schoerke, JKS Communications, Chicago, Nashville



The Son of A Soldier (CD single)

A Letter of Recognition from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth of England

 “Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II is pleased to learn of an American songwriter who would take the time to honor a soldier from the British Battalion, The Rifles.”

. . . Official Office of Queen Elizabeth II England, London

“I think your recording of The Son of A Soldier is a loving tribute and quite outstanding. It certainly pulls at the hearts strings.”

. . . John Poole-Warren, Regimental Secretary, The Rifles




Live at the Bluebird Café  (Live album)

RadioIndy is pleased to present Celeste with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Live at the Bluebird Café”  

Live at the Bluebird Café  is the latest release by Grammy nominee artist Celeste. Featured on this album is a wonderful collection of performances highlighting Celeste’s vocal abilities with various styles and lyrics. This highly talented country/blues singer and songwriter kicks out vocals that are melodic, strong, and alluring. Her bluesy and bold lyrics on 'I Can Change My Mind'will have all women nodding their heads in agreement. 'Suddenly, We’re All French' has witty and fun lyrics which Celeste delivers with easy flowing spoken wordplay. Sweet and tender, 'Body and Soul' shows the diversity in style this delightful singer has to offer. Celeste’s Live at the Bluebird Café is a great album to hear especially if you’re looking for some new and refreshing country and blues."

. . . Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team, RadioIndy.com


Single 101 (album collection)

 “Celeste Friedman is a highly lauded singer/songwriter/composer whose work has been featured on Live! With Regis and Kelly; The Ghost Hunter; A Prairie Home Companion; National Public Radio; Music Choice and ESPN.  A 2005 GRAMMY nominee, Friedman can lay claim to a #1 album, a GrIndie Award, Indie Track of The Year Award, and a nomination for Artist of the Year in the Netherlands.  Friedman is also a prolific author, with her most recent book, Single 101: 101 Reasons To Celebrate Being Single raising the curtain on her own life and the joys of going it alone.  Concurrently, Friedman has written a collection of songs, also entitled Single 101, which serve as a musical companion to the book.  Friedman digs deep into the emotions of joy and loss, using humor and insight to parse emotions and get to the simple truths that lay underneath. 


Single 101 opens with "The Dribble On My Pillow", an amusing little ode to night drool done in a cute, classic pop style complete with hand claps.  There's a certain cheese factor, but it's all tongue in cheek and entertaining.  "Gotta Get It Right, Gotta Get It Straight" is all about trying to get your bearings, even taking time out from a relationship to find your true north.  This is the proverbial foot out the door whose status as a relationship cliché doesn't mitigate its occasional truth.  Friedman celebrates reclaiming her bed as her own in the wake of a relationship with "Mattress, Sweet Mattress”, a bit of hokey fun that will hit home with most anyone newly single. “The Fairytale” is a theoretical love song about what might be.  


“I’m Allergic To Ya Baby” is a slinky, jazz-styled number that sounds like something you might have heard on the old Dr. Demento show.  Friedman gives it a good run vocally.“I Can Change My Mind” underlines the classic line about a woman’s prerogative with a funky bass line and some of the best piano work you’ll hear in one of the best all-around tracks on the album.  “Garlic, Onions and Beans” is a seemingly melancholy and dark song about the classic wards against vampires.  What could be funny comes off almost listless, bereft of energy.  “My Bra and His Underwear” is a humorous take on the comingling of a couple’s undies in light of their fading shared libido. It’s a cute and funny bit of commentary in song that has the advantage of being informed by truth.


“Batteries Not Included” is an ode to the sort of products that make living on your own more bearable.  In this funny little tune, Friedman explores the purchase of one such item from the internet, right down to getting dressed up for the delivery and the knowing grin from the UPS man.  Everything comes together for Friedman on this number, from the vaguely nervous, almost Christine-Lavin style sense of humor to the musical arrangement.  Friedman tackles such subjects as emotional eating (“I’m Pudding On Weight”) and the unintended side effects of garments from Victoria’s Secret (“Suddenly We’re All French”) before settling into a surprisingly serious love ballad entitled “This Time”.  Here Friedman shows a bit of 1980’s pop/R&B pastiche in a tune that sounds like it should have charted twenty-five years ago. 


“Three Little Words” is a bluesy number about a partner who just can’t say the right things, and leads into the woeful melancholy of “Taken Away”.  It’s hard to discern exactly what Friedman’s intent is with this tune, but the musical approach is a bit off the beaten path and intriguing.  Friedman slips her funny shoes back on with “Barbie’s Got The Blues”, projecting relationship troubles onto America’s favorite anatomically unlikely plaything.  “Flying Solo” is a song of independence that throws off the shackles of expectation. Stylistically jazzy and fun, Friedman channels her inner Nellie McKay for one of the best turns on the album.  Friedman closes with “Every Day Is Independence Day”, a song that touts the opportunities and possibilities made available by being single, delivered in a semi-big band style arrangement.  It’s a nice closer that supports Friedman’s sense of celebration of singlehood. 


Celeste Friedman mixes funny and serious moments on Single 101. As a stand-alone album Single 101 has enough light and dark to give a full reflection to the ups and downs of relationships and also of choosing to be on your own.  As a soundtrack for Friedman’s book of the same name it is a sublime companion.  Not every song here works on its own in much the same fashion that not every moment or phase of life works on its own.  The musical ups and downs on Single 101 are quite comparable to those found in life, and so the album’s imperfections become an almost perfect reflection of the subject matter.  If by design this is pure genius.  If by accident then it is the sort of socio-musical accident that is the by-product of artistry. Either way, Single 101 is an entertaining farce that pauses to uncover some of the more serious truths that lay beneath its comical face.”

. . . Wildy Haskell, Wildy’s World




“Merci pour ‘ecoute to all listeners and lovers of Celeste’s new rockabilly hit, ‘Break Up’. She’s going to reach Number One!”
. . . Jacques DuFour, Rockin’ Boy Saloon, Lyon 1’ere, and Country Web Bulletin


 The Tide (album collection)

“We've said many times that we love new artists here at the Southern Gospel Music Forum and Celeste Friedman is a new artist to us.  Her latest project, ‘The Tide’ includes twelve songs all written and performed by Celeste Friedman.


The project begins with "If You Believe In Me" which reminds us of God's Power if we believe in Him.  "The Tide" is the title of the project and the name of the next song on the project.  "Dear Life" is the next song and it is a slow melody that talks about the challenges of life.  


"Too Late To Cry" is the next song and it tells a touching story.  "Forgiveness" is the next song and it deals with the forgiveness we give each other and the forgiveness that Christ gives us.  "A Home Run" is the next song and is another touching story song.  "Love Is Gonna Do It" is a great song about the power of love.


The next song makes the proclamation that "You Can Talk To The Angels."  "Time, Teach Me" is the next song and that leads directly to the next song titled "This Time."  This might just be the best song on here.  The final song on the project is titled "Is God Listening" and it's a good song.


‘The Tide’ collection leans a little more contemporary than a traditional Southern Gospel fan will like.  However, if your tastes lean a little more to that side, than you will enjoy it.  My favorite songs from this project are "If You Believe In Me," "Take A Little Step" and "This Time."

. . . Scott Evans, Southern Gospel Music Forum



Every Tear I Know (album collection)
Released in 2007, Celeste's Country-Blues CD, "Every Tear I Know" went to #1 for the week of September 9, 2007 on Radio Maria in Austria, airing on their program, "Gospel and Country", hosted by Peter Anderl.
On "Highway 61" of Radio Voce Spazio in Italy placed the album at #4 for the week of August 30, 2007. "Highway 61" is hosted by Massimo Ferro.

"The most beautiful voices and songs are hidden by independent label artists. It's like a refreshing wave coming over you. The music and voice of Celeste are a wonderful contribution to the programs of Country Special in the upcoming weeks."
. . . George Backer, Radio Beverwijk, The Netherlands




"Celeste literally brings audiences to their feet, greatly moved by her enthusiasm, singing and telling tales of Ohio's role in revolutionizing our world. She is a true ambassador of the Buckeye State!"

. . . Hugh Rich, Mobile Broadband Network, Columbus, Ohio


"Everyone should be singing her songs!"

. . . Craig Harris, The Boston Globe




"O" is for Ohio!

“Wow! What an awesome program, O is for Ohio. Celeste was an inspiration to the students. She instilled pride in all of us!”

. . . Kathy Pellegrin, Stevenson Elementary, Heath, Ohio


“Celeste’s ability to interact with children, combined with her high energy and catchy tunes, keeps the children enthralled.”

. . . Beth McFarland, Southwest Public Library, Columbus, Ohio



Lower Manhattan School Performances

“Celeste’s gesture of giving and kindness illustrates our Nation’s strength. Thank you, Celeste Reichert Friedman for your support and friendship.”

. . . Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, the City of New York, New York



“A Woman to Watch”
. . . Today’s Columbus Woman


“Celeste’a songs are like old friends with wonderfully vivid, precision-lathed lyrics. A passionate and engaging performer.”

. . . Columbus Alive



A Home Run (CD single)

"A Home Run will be a big hit someday, a home run, if you will."
. . . Stevie Beck, Associate Producer- A Prairie Home Companion, National Public Radio

"A Home Run is a heart warming sentiment in tribute to Celeste's father."
. . . Peter Primont, President of Cherry Lane Publishing


"A brilliant raconteur and painter of lyrical portraits with a deep current of poetic wisdom."

. . . Legend Magazine



Radio on-air personality

"Celeste's program is our favorite on the island!"
. . . WIJY Joy 108 listener, Hilton Head Island, SC


Radio on-air personality

"Celeste is in my car, at our breakfast table, at work and everywhere we take our radio. She is part of our day, every day.”
. . . WBNS Radio listener, Columbus, Ohio



 “Celeste has an absolutely beautiful voice that is smooth and soothing as you listen.”
. . . 610 WTVN Radio listener, Columbus, Ohio



Music Performance

 "With a beautiful voice and contagious smile, Celeste presents her music with passion and lights up Manhattan."
. . . The New York Post





Among the Fallen Leaves: A Journal on the Battlefield of Cancer

 “I was so touched by the scripture verses intertwined in the story. I laughed out loud at some of the eccentricities illustrated, particularly, Awanna's insistence on which pillows could be used when her hip broke. My mother would be the same. Love to you, Celeste.”
. . . Marty Trese, Know Pages, Editor


Among the Fallen Leaves

. . . Anna Hovind, CNN News, Atlanta



“Celeste’s audience is on the journey with her. When I read “Among the Fallen Leaves”, I was living the experience, the hope and the pain, page by page.  In her music, you are changed with every lyric line.”
                      . . . Eric Gnezda, MFA, Gnezda Communications, Worthington, Ohio


“Among the Fallen Leaves is pure heart-wrenching emotion.”
                                                                                                    . . .  OnlineBookClub.org

“I could not stop until I was done! Among the Fallen Leaves is on such a gut level, so honest, so pure, a work of art and words.”
                                                             . . . Ursula Johnson, Mendocino, California

“Very emotional read. Heartwarming. Wonderfully, honest account of a true walk through losing a loved one through cancer. Beautifully written. I felt like I was there through the whole process. God bless you, Celeste.”
                                                                             . . . Carol S. Kurella, Amazon.com Review

“A presentation given by Celeste is an opportunity to look within, discovering an empowering tranquility.”
                                                                          . . . P. Emily McLaughlin, Author


Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single

By Daisy S AmazonHALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER on October 27, 2014

“What a fun yet helpful read for anyone single or in the process of becoming single! The author, Ms. Friedman, has a wonderful sense of humor, yet she also expresses the more serious sides of being single. After I read this book, I was amazed at the GENUINE 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single.
My favorite reasons in this book:
+ Reason 30 - You Rule: This covers what is really true: Full (100 percent) ownership and control of the TV and remote, all appliances, all furniture (have bed all to oneself), **And best of all when it is time for decisions to be made, there is no arguing about this.
+ Reason 24 - No more being afraid of going it alone. Was I shocked when the author listed the HUGE amount of singles in the United States (numbers as of the year 2008). The total number of male/female was 92 million and of this number 54 percent were women! In the UK, 14.2 million single people. This came to a shock to me as I had no idea this many were single.
+ Reason 13 - The mattress is all yours! This has lots of truth and humor. It is a reason to read again, laugh and appreciate it.
+ Overall I found that every reason in this book made perfect sense and this is a great book to have. Before I bought it and downloaded it, I looked through others and even placed some on my Wish List, however, I bought this book and I am so glad that I did.

This is a VERY HELPFUL, YET CHEERFUL BOOK, if you are new to being single, I think that it will be of help for you. It is a book that is on the light side and it will make you laugh, which I think is great for the healing process for one going through a breakup or divorce, death etc or just wanting to appreciate being single.”

“Single 101 is groundbreaking, deep, yet light-hearted.”
                                                                                            . . . Kansas City Life

“Celeste touches on truths and ideals with her book, Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate being Single. She is both entertaining and thought provoking.”
                                                                                      . . . The Charlotte Examiner


Single 101

“Celeste Friedman, one talented lady, has written an uplifting, breezy exploration of all good things about being single.

How I wished I'd had such a book when I was grief-stricken years ago, after a bitter divorce. At the time, I thought the future looked bleak and lonely. How far we've come in accepting that a single life does not condemn one to interminable unhappiness.

Friedman found, after two marriages and a few boyfriends, that she was actually far more successful living alone. An author and singer-songwriter, she has been nominated for a Grammy, as well has received numerous other impressive awards.

In the Forward, she writes "My mission is to entertain, inspire and support both men and women who relish their independence. Single 101 upholds an individual's dignity, gives allegiance to those who choose to live single and encouragement to others considering the possibilities; and opens our eyes to the truth that not all people who are single have been abandoned, are lonely or desperate."

Some of the 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single:
* Spontaneity
* You Can Live Anywhere You Want
* More Job Opportunities
* You Can Eat Garlic or Onions with No Need for Breath Mints
* You Can Be Happy with Who You Are, Not Who He Wants You To Be
* No Drama

These are just a few of the enlightening aspects that Friedman highlights in her charming, unique style. There are some great quotes scattered throughout the book, as well as a Bonus Reason (p.132) titled "The Secret to a Long and Happy Life."

. . . Charlene Rubush, Vine Voice, Amazon Review



“I've known many people in my adult life who cannot stand to be alone. They haven't come to a realization that being single or alone does not have to be synonymous with being lonely. In fact as Celeste Friedman states, sometimes the exact opposite is true. I think most of us have experienced those relationships that seem to leave us very lonely and without our own identity and freedoms. Is that really living? "Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single" is the perfect book to give to that person that thinks they just can't make it without someone in their life. Celeste shares 101 fun and inspiring reasons that really show that being single can be a good thing.

This is a wonderful little book created in such a way that you can digest one "reason" a day or go through the book much less methodically. There does not have to be any start or end point -- the reader can open the book anywhere and find something cogent. The book examines various guilty and inspirational pleasures through the eyes of the author and other people. It shows how the grass can be greener as a single person and that some people are just meant to be single. There's no crime in it, in fact ... there is much pleasure.

I like the book and found many of the reasons empowering and really right on. I enjoyed Celeste's easy and engaging writing style. The book is written in a friendly and conversational manner and is especially comforting due to the topic matter at hand.

Being single is tough, but sometimes it is the best thing for a person. Celeste shares her own as well as others insights in her "Single 101" book. Even though I am not a single woman, I can think of many people who can benefit from this book. I also see myself benefiting from portions of it when my spouse is away on business trips or what not. I can celebrate being alone without feeling lonely. Celeste's book celebrates that in a nutshell. Very nice resource!”

. . . Diana De Avila, Amazon.fr Review


“If you think your life can't be fulfilling while being single, you are wrong. What you need is inspiration for how you can enjoy living alone and this is the ideal book for you.

In my book "The Joy of Not Being Married: The Essential Guide for Singles (And Those Who Wish They Were)" I quoted Goldie Hawn who once said, "Marriage is ridiculous" and Richard Avedond who claimed "He sleeps fastest who sleeps alone."

In "Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single", Celeste Friedman gives the reader many more reasons why marriage is ridiculous and many more great reasons (with at least a page devoted to expanding on each of the reasons) to celebrate singlehood than I ever gave in my book. Here are some of them:
* No In-Laws
* You Don't Have to Share Anything with Anyone
* You Can Build Your Own Wealth
* You Have More Time for Yourself
* You Can Flirt As Much As You Want

Friedman encourages single people to indulge in their own eccentricities. At the same time she entertains, inspires, and supports both men and women who need reassurance that being single is just as great - if not better - than marriage.

In short, "Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single" is a perfect gift for anyone who has been single for some time as well as for someone who is recently divorced or separated.”

. . . Ernie Zelinski, Author of How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

“Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single by Celeste Friedman is a project that continues to show her enormous talents. The book is humorous, honest and it celebrates the benefits of being single. I could not believe that Celeste came up with so many reasons. Single 101 is an enjoyable read with a CD that features some great tunes written and performed by Celeste who is an extraordinary talent. Celeste Friedman is a multi-faceted multi-talented woman with a great sense of humor and a positive spirit that is quite evident in her music and in her book.”

. . . Andrea Garrison, Host/Producer Onlinewithandrea

Interiew and Story- Cupid’s Pulse Online

By Krissy Dolor


If you’re single, February might be the month you dread your family’s seemingly harmless (but nevertheless annoying) questioning of your lifestyle, asking if you have a special someone to spend “that holiday” with. Or, it may be the month you take out your reserved pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watch sappy movies, wishing you had someone to cuddle with. Either way, the “love” month shouldn’t be for couples only – singles need some love, too! And who better than yourself to give you the love you need?

That’s the idea Celeste Friedman hoped to inspire with her book, Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single, which explains why you should embrace your singleness, instead of looking at it like a a burden. The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter claims that she has achieved more success flying solo than when she was married or dating. A fun, easy read, along with personal anecdotes anyone can relate to, Single 101 shows you that you can do it alone (and enjoy it – really!) if you want to. In addition, Friedman has created a Single 101 music CD, including original songs that were inspired by her book. She even has a one-woman show that celebrates the single life live on stage.

I had a chance to speak with Friedman via email about her book, as well as her partnership with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, which launches on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at what she had to say: The one thing I really loved about Single 101 is that the list is backwards.

Why did you decide to present your list that way?

Celeste- I wanted to create a countdown format. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that reason 101 is less important than number one. They all have their own significance. Even though Reason Number One holds great importance to me personally, Reason #24 is the one that I really hope everyone keeps in their heart – You Never Have to Be Afraid to Go It Alone! Throughout the book, you sprinkle in not only advice, but personal anecdotes of people in relationships.

Where did you find these people, and why did you include their stories?

Celeste- Over the past seven years of writing the book, the stories have sprung from conversations I’ve had with friends or people I’ve met. Whenever I would just mention choosing to live single, men and women both would want to share their own stories, struggles and achievements. I never really had to search for them, their stories were finding me at times and in places where I would have never expected.

Being single isn’t just about not being in a relationship – you also mention siblings and roommates.
What was important about embracing the idea of being single in other aspects of life?

Celeste- The greatest desire in being happy as a single person is all about independence and so many people seek opportunities to break out completely on their own, especially those who have been forced to share their habitat and belongings with siblings or roommates. Many books like this are targeted towards women, but you did a great job of including the other sex as well.

How important was this?

Celeste- Very important. I didn’t want the book to be considered another chick lit work. Both men and women have distinct views of the world as they know it and it brings so much more to light about what we believe will make us happy. I received this review from a man who bought the book just before Christmas: “Never having been married and never having lived with a woman, left me looking at single life from a slightly different perspective as those who have. Single 101 gave me great insight and some hardy laughs at the lighter and funny aspects of living life “together”. Things I had never thought about or imagined. If I never meet the woman of my dreams, I certainly have enjoyed the perks of the single life very much, and Single 101 helps me count the ways.”

What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve learned from your past relationships?

Celeste- To understand that you cannot change someone else or believe it will all get better when they change. No matter how hard you try or work on your side of the relationship, it is still a matter of compromise and unconditional love.

Can you talk a little bit about your partnership with the American Heart Association?

Celeste- It’s very exciting to be a part of the team and supporting the Go Red for Women campaign. As you’ll read in my latest blog on Single-101.blogspot.com, I sincerely believe we find true freedom and happiness when we protect our hearts in love and with a healthy lifestyle. On Valentine’s Day, I launch my own campaign, donating a percentage of the sales of my book, Single 101: 101 Reason to Celebrate Being Single to my own local chapter. As I travel, I’ll do the same for local chapters in cities where I’ll be appearing for book signings. The first will be in Hilton Head Island [in South Carolina, followed by Savannah, Georgia, where I’ll be exhibiting at the Savannah Book Festival on February 19th. You can get more in-depth information at www.GoRedforWomen.org. Don’t forget to wear red on February 14th!

What other projects do you have coming out that we should be on the look out for?

Celeste- In between book signings, I’m back in the studio and working on another music CD to be released later in the fall. Over the past two years, I’ve been writing a book for adolescent girls and hope to find the right publisher this year. It’s an inside look at diary entries of tweens and teens, their struggles, hopes and dreams, called "Locked Inside."

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Celeste- Just a final thought – Valentine’s Day never has to be sad when you’re single, whether you choose the single lifestyle or you’re in between relationships. It can be a great day when we reach out to others who need our time, love and attention.

Cupid thanks Celeste Friedman for her time! You can purchase Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single on Amazon. You can learn more about her music and work as a singer-songwriter/composer at Songs For Charlie Music (her music is dedicated to Charlie, who was her dog and road companion for 19 years) at CelestialVoices1.com. Check back next month for a special Valentine’s Day post from Friedman herself! Now go out there and celebrate your singleness!


Single 101


July 12, 2010 by Contributor 

"When Celeste Friedman contacted this Charlotte Love & Marriage Examiner, asking me if I would like to review her new book, I was surprised. After all, what does “being single” have to do with love and marriage?

After reading the book, I know. Single 101 shows us the flip side of love and marriage. It shows us something different. It shows us the love of self, which is something that we often forget as we get lost in the search for that perfect loving relationship with someone else.

Being married is not easy. It is challenging. It is even more challenging if we do not know who we are as individuals. I would recommend Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single to anyone…whether single, dating, or married It gives you insights into who you are as a person and what you may have to gain or lose by being in a committed relationship with someone else.

Ms. Friedman uses a lot of humor in the book, saying the things that many of us have thought of, but did not have the nerve to actually voice. Each page is a chapter in and of itself, which means you do not have to read the book cover to cover. Each page is a complete thought on a particular topic ranging from “Vibrators Don’t Talk Back” to “You Can Cut the Grocery Bill in Half” to “You Can Come Home at Whatever Time You Like”.

She touches on those truths, ideals and needs that all of us have lurking deep inside.
This would be a great book for someone who is in the midst of a breakup. It is also a great book for someone who is in a relationship. It will show them some of the things they have given up in order to be in a relationship….some okay, and some that are not okay. It is all done with a great sense of humor.

Celeste Friedman is an author and singer-songwriter who has decided to remain single after being in two marriages and several relationships. Her insights are both entertaining and thought provoking.

For more information on how to get the book as well as other relationship ideas, check out Celeste Friedman’s blog. You won’t be sorry!"

Locked Inside

 “This is an accessible, good book that touches on so many issues that girls in their early teens face every day at school, with friends and family. The perfect book to read on a day when things don't look too bright - it gives girls hope and knowledge that things can turn around. Not a anguishing read, just a really good one.”
. . . BibliophileNC, Amazon Review