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“Celeste is indeed a true Renaissance woman!”
              . . . Carole Easterling, Senior Director, Performing Rights, BMI, Inc.


Americana Roots . Blues .  Country .  Gospel . Celtic . Inspirational

We Remember . . . A Salute to Veterans

Celestial Voices and Songs for Charlie Music proudly announce the 2018 release of a 4-song EP, written, produced and performed by Celeste Reichert Friedman.
We Remember . . . A Salute to Veterans, is a compilation of four of Celeste’s original songs honoring Memorial Day. This EP collection includes:

“WILD HORSES”   Celeste was chosen as one of the 50 Writers from the 50 States by the Music for Troops organization in 2007 and included in their first music compilation, All States, All Stars, featuring her haunting ballad, “Wild Horses,” originally released in 1995.

“A HOME RUN”  Music For Troops selected Celeste again in 2009 for Operation 11.11.09, featuring “A Home Run,” a tribute to her father, Leo Reichert, a veteran of the Korean War. This ballad was nominated for a Pat Weaver Award in 1995. Over 50,000 copies of both albums were sent to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“THE SON OF A SOLDIER”  Released as a single in 2009, Celeste shares the  story of Charley,  baby son of a British fallen hero, Sjt. John McAlese, who served with The Rifles of the UK in Afghanistan. Celeste’s contribution was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II of England.

“THERE’S A KNOCK ON THE DOOR”  In honor of Vietnam Veterans and The Reading of the Names, the 58,318 names of service members inscribed on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Released as a single in 2014, dedicated to the families of POWs and those still missing in action.

We Remember . . . A Salute to Veterans is only available for purchase directly by contacting: CelestialVoices1@aol.com.

In memory of the 58,272 brothers and sisters who never returned home from the Vietnam War, (1959-1975).

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Mess 'a Blues

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and composer Celeste Reichert Friedman delivers nothin’ but the ultimate in blues in this all original collection released October 28, 2016.

Artists who write the blues and the ones who can really sing the blues are those who live the blues and have the courage to reveal their souls.

Celeste Reichert Friedman spills the truth of what lives in a world of despair and heartbreak. The title track, Mess ‘a Blues, was initially intended to be released several years ago, but her every word still rings true in a current environment of political unrest.

Mess ‘a Blues is filled with style. Her jazzy blues arrangements, R&B, a dash of Gospel and a touch of Second Line carry you from Memphis to New Orleans. With her roots in Ohio, your first guess might be that Celeste was born right out of the Mississippi Delta. Her hope is to entertain and inspire. You’ll discover her voice will envelope your heart.
c. 2016, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


“I’ve been told, that it’s body and soul.”
                                                            . . . Celeste 

Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck


Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Celeste delivers a sexy, seductive honky-tonk tune for country chicks that boys are also gonna love. So, grab the keys, climb aboard and hear where your imagination takes you!

Written, produced and performed by Celeste, Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck captures the hearts of romantics who daydream about what could be possible.

A frequently showcased songwriter at Nashville’s Bluebird Café, Celeste’s country singles and albums have reached Number One in France, Italy, the Netherlands and Australia.

Hitting the airwaves in Europe on October 3, 2016, Big Red Silverado Pickup Truck was immediately been named “Song of the Week” by the Starliner’s Radio Network, syndicated to 40 countries. Click on Reviews page for more!

Celeste’s music can be found on CDBaby, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.
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There’s A Knock on the Door

Written, produced and performed by Celeste, dedicated to those still missing and unaccounted for. 
As of Memorial Day 2017, there were 58,318 names engraved on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.
In 1973, The United States listed 2,646 American military as Missing In Action from the entire Vietnam War. 
As of September of 2014, 1,641 Americans remained unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, including 850 soldiers listed as Killed In Action and 468 Lost at Sea.
Please visit Online: http://TheWall-USA.com

Learn more about Celeste's programs and music for military veterans:

Celeste Reichert Friedman is a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and a 2015 nominee for the Ohio Governor's Award in the Arts.

c. 2014, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.



Some Old Crazy Angel


“Each day, I am on the battlefield. I have been weighed. I have been measured. There is no coefficient that symbolizes the multiples of the depth of pain brought on by a crippling disease.
I have often wondered how I continue to thrive and can only find one answer- that some old crazy is keeping me alive.
Why has she chosen me? My angel professes the ultimate in courage and holds me in determined wings in her boot camp of building strength. In the angel's guiding light I have hope. If she were to let go, I would surely die, yet I know she will carry me into heaven.”

                                                                          . . . Celeste Reichert Friedman


c. 2012, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.



I Saw God Down on Hollywood Boulevard


"striking and poignant"

"sings like an omen"

"foreboding and very telling of the critical state of our world"

Whether you choose to believe the prophets from the Bible or not, some say that we are now witnessing their premonitions. Over-population and global warming are just the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout the centuries, there have been claims made by people in different parts of the world that the Virgin Mary has appeared to them. Each year, an estimated 10 million visit the Basilica in Mexico City, the most visited Catholic church in the world, 2nd to The Vatican and the site of the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 9, 1531. Including Fatima, and several other global locations, the Virgin Mary's apparition last appeared in Banneaux, Belgium in 1933.

If God, Jesus, Mary and the Holy Spirit all came together to make their presence known now or in the near future, how would we react? Should it ever happen, will we be ready?

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A Taste of Tralee


Celeste's Celtic artist name is Caeli McDaniel. 

From the highlands of Scotland and vales of Ireland to the Isles of Iona and castles of Leinster, Celeste is a descendant of ancient Welsh Kings and Scottish Royalty, many who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields of the motherland for religious freedom.  Her lineage traces back to Robert I, King of Scotland and Cunedda, the father of the ancient Kings of Gwynedd.

For her forefathers and mothers of Deheubarth, Bannockburn and Leinster, Celeste, (Caeli), honors her colorful heritage by keeping the tradition alive with Gaelic and Celtic songs from the days of yore, in addition to her original works written for the Holy Ground.

A Taste of Tralee includes traditional Gaelic tunes: "Siuil `a Run", "Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce hi" and "Si Do Mhaimeo l."

This CD collection is available by ordering direct.

The Road to Santiago


Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and composer Celeste Reichert Friedman delivers an eclectic and mesmerizing journey of her work in tribute to the countless pilgrims who have crossed the five-hundred mile trek to Santiago de Compostela. Celeste closes her eyes and imagines, sensing the angels everywhere. The Holy Spirit is her guide along the winding, rocky path, where she reveals in the title track that she carries all of her dreams and sins, a heavy load.
Haunting, mesmerizing and hypnotic best describes Friedman's compositions, lifting a veil on struggles with faith.

In search of strength and guidance, Celeste features her singles such as, "Searching", "Forgiveness", "White Butterfly" and "The Meaning of Life". Challenged by a crippling disease since her mid-thirties, Celeste tells the story of tolerance of pain and tests of patience and acceptance in "Running with Scissors". Reflecting on the snowy descent in the mountains, she includes her ballad, "The Trees are Bare" and a traditional Irish piece, "The Snows They Melt the Soonest". In "Oranges", she unravels the desire for happiness and simplicity, while still passionately feeding the fire in her soul.

c. 2011, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.



What Would John Lennon Say?


"haunting . . . beautiful!"

             . . . Carole Easterling,  SeniorDirector of Performing Rights, BMI- Nashville

"A powerful, very timely song written and performed by Celeste Friedman, a great singer/songwriter. The images are as mesmerizing as the haunting lyrics and melody. If this doesn't touch you and make you think and hopefully take action, nothing will"
. . . Chaparral2004- YouTube comment

"This is going on my play list. Incredible. A beautiful voice with gut-wrenching lyrics....listen...really....i­t's worth it and I dare you to get it out of your mind afterward."

                                          . . . Julie Powers Schoerke, JKS Communications, Nashville


c. 2011, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.



Single 101: Songs from the 'One-Woman Show'


Join the Single 101 Nation and celebrate independence, empowerment and the choice of flying solo.
Celeste brings her book, Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single alive on stage with her 'One-Woman Show', Single 101. Read more about the launch of the book, with links to Amazon, The Kindle Store and the book trailer on YouTube.

                 Empowerment . . . Freedom to Pursue Your Passion . . .

                                   No In-Laws . . . Spontaneity 

“You’ll laugh, cry, smile and find Single 101 to be very poignant, matter-of-fact and real. It’s an opportunity to look within, discovering an empowering tranquility.” 
                                                                     . . . Author P. Emily McLaughlin 

Being single may be tough at times, but it is the best thing that can happen to a person. Celeste Friedman´s book is very personal, funny, sad, and inspiring. A must read.” 
                                          . . . Christyann Anderson, Single Life Editor for BellaOnline 

c. 2010, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


The Son of a Soldier


In honor of Veteran's Day, The Son of A Soldier was written and produced in 2009. Celeste shares the story of Charley, the baby son of a fallen hero. Dedicated to her late father, Leo Reichert, a Korean War Veteran.

A Letter of Recognition from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England:

February 23, 2011
For Immediate Release
Songs For Charlie Music

London, England- Songs For Charlie Music is very proud and honored to announce that Grammy nominee and singer-songwriter Celeste Friedman has received a special Letter of Recognition from the Official Office of Queen Elizabeth II of England for Celeste's song, The Son of A Soldier.

Celeste penned the ballad in tribute to Sjt. John McAlese, who was tragically killed while on duty in the Sanjin District of Afghanistan in 2009. After discovering a story in the London Daily Mail, Ms. Friedman recalls seeing a photo of the widow and their baby son. “I needed to write the song for all of the sons and daughters of our fallen heroes,” states Celeste.

Although Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II does not involve her position directly in matters of the British military, she was pleased to learn of an American songwriter who would take the time to honor a soldier from the British Battalion, The Rifles.


c. 2010, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


CELESTE-Live at the Bluebird Cafe


Live at the Bluebird Cafe is the latest release by Grammy nominee artist Celeste. Featured on this album is a wonderful collection of performances highlighting Celeste’s vocal abilities with various styles and lyrics. This highly talented country/blues singer and songwriter kicks out vocals that are melodic, strong, and alluring.

Her bluesy and bold lyrics on "I Can Change My Mind" will have all women nodding their heads in agreement. "Suddenly, We’re All French" has witty and playful lyrics which Celeste delivers with easy flowing spoken wordplay. Sweet and tender, "Body and Soul" shows the diversity in style this delightful singer has to offer.

“Celeste’s Live at the Bluebird Café is a great album to hear especially if you’re looking for some new and refreshing country and blues.”
                                 . . . Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team 

Celeste- Live at the Bluebird Café offers 16 live cuts, including her Number One hit, "Another Rock in My Shoe" and the single, "It’s the South" to be released on her forthcoming project, Sweet Magnolia Wine.

Thank you to Amy Kurland, Janis Ian, Jeff Pearson and the talented staff of The Bluebird Café for many years of joy, memories and opportunities.


c. 2009, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.



The Tide


Album includes inspirational as well as contemporary Christian and gospel songs, such as "If You Believe in Me", "Dear Life", "Forgiveness", and "Is God Listening?" Added to the collection are two songs nominated for a Pat Weaver Award for contributions to television, "A Home Run", nominated in 1995 and "Take A Little Step", nominated in 1997.

c. 2009, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


A Baby was Born

In a joyful gospel and bluegrass style, "A Baby Was Born" is full of beautiful harmonies and sentiment for the season with lyrics that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

Written, produced and performed by Celeste, this lovely piece also features bluegrass and gospel artist Darell Sanson on mandolin.

Joyeaux Noelle!

c. 2009, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.




Every Tear I Know

Award-winning singer-songwriter and composer Celeste Reichert Friedman reveals the country-rock and rockabilly part of her soul in this latest collection of classic, deep-down in your heart sentiments. Rich in memorable melodies and tenderly crafted lyrics, Celeste unveils her own battles between hope and heartache.

The first single, "Another Rock In My Shoe" topped the chart at Number One on Peter Anderl's program, Gospel and Country, featured on Radio Maria- AUSTRIA for the week of September 9, 2007.

Celeste's Every Tear I Know CD reached Number 4 on Highway 61, hosted by Massimo Ferro on Radio Voce Spazio for the week of August 26, 2007.

By the first week of December, 2007, Celeste's single, "Nothin' That I Wouldn't Do For You" fell smack dab in the middle of Martina McBride and Gretchen Wilson in the Top 30 for the Rockin' Boy Saloon, hosted by Jacques DuFour on Radio Lyon1, France.

"The most beautiful voices and songs are hidden by independent label artists. It's like a refreshing wave coming over you. The music and voice of Celeste are a wonderful contribution to the programs of Country Special in the upcoming weeks."
                                . . . George Backer, Radio Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Celeste was chosen as one of the 50 Writers of the 50 States to be a part of a compilation CD, All States All Stars, shipped to 50,000 of our U.S. troops during the summer of 2007, featuring her single, "Wild Horses".

The title track, "Every Tear I Know", is featured in the award winning indie film, Veronika’s Birthday, produced and directed by Jessica Burstein.

Written, produced and performed by Celeste. 
Featured guitarists:
The late Craig Goodwin on electric guitar on "Three Little Words";
Rusty Bidgood and Dave Appel on those Fender Strats on both "Break Up" and "Wild Horses".

c. 2007, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.


A Home Run
Order this single direct- email CelestialVoices1@aol.com

Celeste’s endearing ballad about her father who dreamed of becoming a coach.

“He taught us about baseball and life, how they’re one in the same.”

Selected as the theme for the 1995 Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon, (WSYX-TV), nominated for a Pat Weaver Award and contributions in television.

"A Home Run will be a big hit someday, a home run, if you will."
                               . . . Stevie Beck, Associate Producer- A Prairie Home Companion


"A Home Run is a heart warming sentiment in tribute to Celeste's father."
                                               . . . Peter Primont, President of Cherry Lane Publishing

c. 1995, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.

Celeste and Friends Collection 

Children's Music Catalog- 20 CDs of album collections and

singles for children and educators. 


K.I.D.! album with 2005 Grammy nominated title track. 
Song and Story double-disc collections.

c. 2000-2009, Songs for Charlie Music, BMI. All rights reserved.

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