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Caeli McDaniel

Did You Know that Celeste was
Really a Celtic Woman?

As a Celtic artist, Celeste is known as “Caeli McDaniel”. Her Celtic originals are heard across Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the UK. She has quite the Celtic lineage and keepin' it reel!

From the highlands of Scotland and vales of Ireland to the Isles of Iona and castles of Leinster, Celeste (Caeli) is a descendant of ancient Welsh Kings and Scottish Royalty, many who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields of the motherland for religious freedom, tracing back to Robert I, King of Scotland and Cunedda, the father of the ancient Kings of Gwynedd.

For her forefathers and mothers of Deheubarth, Bannockburn and Leinster, Caeli honors her colorful heritage by keeping the tradition alive with Gaelic and Celtic songs in her program, A Taste of Tralee.

D'fhéadfadh Ádh mór a bheith in éineacht leat!

Caeli's music CD, A Taste of Tralee includes originals such as her whimsical lullabye, "Emerald Isle", traditional Irish favorites like "Isle of Innisfree", as well as  "Siuil 'a Run" and
"Ar Eireann Ni Neoshainn Ce Hi" in Gaelic.

This album collection is available by ordering directly. Email CaeliMcDaniel@aol.com for details.



A Taste of Tralee includes Caeli's theme, "Emerald Isle", which is also available as a single on CD. (see below)